The BracFit Exercise Programme has been a weekly event since Dr. & Mrs Reid started it in March 2007 in an effort to encourage islanders and visitors alike to get and keep fit. For many years, Denise Walton gave her own time, energy and amazing sterling service as tutor for the BracFit class and now Kathleen Bodden-Harris has kindly taken on the class and has introduced new moves to keep us on our toes, literally!

BracFit's Anniversary Celebrations took place at Scott's Dock, where Dr. Reid presented Denise with a token of our grateful thanks to Denise.

Dr. Reid presents a gift to Ms. Denise for 6 years of teaching the Bracfit Classes

The exercise class has grown in popularity and now continues at The Public Beach, on the Southside 2-3 evenings a week; from 6-7 under Kathleen Bodden-Harris's tuition. BracFit is free, everyone is welcome to come and enjoy aerobic moves to music in like-minded company out in the fresh air at the Public Beach on the SouthSide.

Ms. Pauline from Paradise Creations & Desires Restaurant prepares the refreshmentsDenise, hot and happy!
After an energy filled exercise class, we all enjoyed delicious Fruit Punch and a superb fresh fruit creation from the Caterer,
Ms. Pauline of Paradise Desires and Creations Restaurant, Cotton Tree Bay.
Here's Ms. Denise taking some of her BracFit students through their paces in the cool of the evening's sunset at Scott's Dock. From the early days at the Brac Reef Beach Resort, to Scott's Dock and now at the Public Beach Dock on the Southside, Bracfit is a great way to enjoy a workout to great music with friends
Sunset Exercise Class