Most Cayman Islands Insurance Cards Accepted

Cayman First Ins. Co. Preferred Provider Discounts

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We Offer:

* Family Medicine, Children and Babies
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* Pharmacy

* Emergencie

* Minor Surgery, inc. Removal of Cysts, Growths, etc.

* Dive Medicine & Decompression Chamber arrangements made

* Experienced Ante Natal & Post Natal Care

* DNA (USA) testing, all Lab tests, quick turnaround, results often available within 1-2 days

* Specialist Back & Neck Pain Treatment, inc. Headaches

* Confidential Pregnancy Testing, Pap Smears, etc.

* 24 hour Medevacs arranged

* All Immigration Medicals and Blood Tests - quick submission to Authority

* Medicals for Life Insurance, Driving Licences, Day Care, Schools, Scholarships

* Annual and Wellness Medicals

* Referrals to Cayman Islands and Overseas Hospitals/Specialist

* Comprehensive Private Consultations, Fully Explained

* Confidentiality is Assur


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